The National Society Capacity Exchange and Enhancement Platform Project is led by four international National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies: Turkish Red Crescent, British Red Cross, Bulgarian Red Cross, and Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This country consortium aims to improve the local and national capacity in response to the humanitarian crisis. Along with this, the primary object of the Project is to allow National Societies to develop and reinforce networks, increase their capacity to operate at transnational level, share and confront ideas, practices and methods. By developing or reinforcing networks, improving and extending the supply of qualified learning opportunities tailored to the needs of National Society professionals, facilitating access to upskilling pathways, increasing effective outreach guidance and motivation strategies, extending and developing educators' competences and developing mechanisms to monitor the effectiveness of adult learning policies are aimed.

National Societies capacity development processes aim to contribute individual, community, and institutional resilience; invest strategic and operational coordination in the humanitarian activities, generate the dissemination of knowledge among the consortium, operationalize relief assistance for international emergencies, invigorate them in the international field using collective learning and influence humanitarian agendas. These components are referred to as the strategic tools of the project consortium and strengthen the existing collaboration among partner National Societies. In parallel to these, the Project aims to improve the efficiency, quality, and effectiveness of preparedness and response in the humanitarian community by knowledge spillovers and dissemination of information in the field, organization and global humanitarian sector levels. The key principle of the collaboration is providing a framework for participating agencies to work together towards improved humanitarian response.

Together with the sharing concerns, two pillars are determined as a common objective among the National Societies’ collaboration: Cash and Protection.